Prof. Daniel Odin (Ph.D.)

President of UNESCO

About President, Professor Daniel Odin

Daniel Esteban Odin Parado

(* 13th of September 1970 , Rosario City, State of Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay, MERCOSUR)
School :
High School
Examination: High School Diploma
Citizenships:   European Union (EU), Italy & Uruguay

University Studies:

Bachelor in Business Administration with emphasis in Education ( Empresarial University )
Diploma in Computer Technician (University ORT Uruguay )
Diploma in English for Business Communication (On campus study at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada )

Master in Business Communication (Empresarial University

Ordained Theology Teacher at the 7th Day Church of God in Uruguay since 1996 (White House Mention)
Advanced Diploma in English Marquess College, London December 15, 2006
Faculty member, SJDLC University ( )  University August 14, 2009
Philosophy Doctor in Computer Science Universidad Panamericana 2009
ICT Certificate from UNESCO e-learning Bangkok, May 7, 2010

Doctor Honoris Causa, Tecnológico Iberoamericano Aragón, (México) January 21, 2011
Doctor Honoris Causa Universidad Nacional San Martin de Tarapoto (Perú) November 04, 2011

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration EIILM University, Sikkim (India)(Eastern Institute for Learning in Management), December 10, 2012.

Honorary Professor EIILM University, Sikkim (India)(Eastern Institute for Learning in Management), November 06, 2012

Diploma Discipulo Johannes Gutenberg

Honorary Doctor of Business Administration, Angkor University, Kingdom of Cambodia, April 24, 2013
Chair Professor Nan Jeon Institute of Technology Taiwan June 20, 2013     Advisory Counselor Nan Jeon Institute of Technology Taiwan June 20, 2013     Spanish Professorship Designation, Sastra University, Cambodia June 30, 2014   Doctor of Cristian Apologetics, Logos University, Miami Florida, USA July 11, 2017 Member of the Academic Council, Logos University, Miami Florida, USA August 22, 2017 President for UNESCO ™ | Union Nacional de Educación Superior Continua Organizada, 2011 to actual date.
Doctor in Education | Fabic
Logos University International Titular Professor, Miami Florida, USA September 22, 2017
American Association of Higher Education, Achieving Excellence in Education
Lifetime Fellowship Appointment at Doctoral Level 3rd March 2018
Languages: Spanish & English fluent; Portuguese, Italian and French basic Memberships: Knights of Rizal Decorations: Chapter Commander KCR of the Uruguay Chapter, Knights of Rizal January 14, 2011

Doctor en Educacion

Faculty of Bico do Papagaio
Faculdade do Bico do Papagaio (FABIC) 

Ordained Ministry Church Christ is the Answer March 18th 2018