Dr. Stephen R. Barnhart

UNESCO Ambassador for USA

Dr. Stephen R. BarnhartDr. Stephen R. Barnhart,   President, IBEC

Internationally Recognized Consultant, Educator and Diplomatic Relations Specialist



Consultant – Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

Team Member - Prince Efere Foundation

Diplomat of the IPSP

Representative to the USA for the

Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom of UGANDA

Honorary United States Marine

DAV Commanders Club Gold /  Diamond Leader

VFW Patriotic Citizen Award Winner

USO Sponsoring Member

Kansas State Masonic Grand Masters Award

PROVOST – ARARAT Shrine Temple

Italian Association of Carabinieri

IAPPA -  International Educational Director

Registered Constituent of      www.OSAC.gov    

Overseas Security Advisory Council

Bureau of Diplomatic Security / US Department of State

FBI – InfraGard Team Member


  2010 Recipient “The President’s Call to Service Award”

  Awarded by the President’s Council on Service & Civic Participation

  A Founder of the Presidential Prayer Team: http://presidentialprayerteam.com

  Diplomat with the IPSP: http://www.international-parliament.net




Stephen R. Barnhart, Ed.D.

1503 Main St.  #375

Grandview, MO  64030