Dr. (H.C.) Stephan Breu

UNESCO Ambassador for Liechtenstein

Dr. (H.C.) Stephan BreuBorn in 1965 in Switzerland, Stephan Breu was educated as Banker. Working for one of the five big Auditing Companies he deepened his understanding of the Financial Markets and Banking.

He holds the national Swiss Diploma as Certified Trustee and opened in 1995 his own Tax and Audit Company.

Since 2011 he concentrats on private Real Estate Investments in Switzerland.

Former active Politician of CVP (Conservative Catholic Party) he was serving on local, state and national level to the Party and its Youth Organisation and as Candidate for the National Assembly.

He is also a former member of JCI (Junior Chamber International) working on all national levels and since 1993 Phil Pugsley Patron with Junior Chamber International (JCI).

From 1999 – 2010 he was Member of the Board of the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – West Africa as well as some years Member of the Board of the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Cuba, which was engaged mostly in humanitarian help to Cuba.

Since 2014 he represents two NGO’s with Special Consultative Status to ECOSOCS at the UNO Headquarter in Geneva and CoNGO (The Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations) NGO Workgroup for Human Rights in Education and Learning.

In 2015 he initiated the Association “IPE-Global – Initiative for Global Progress through Education” where he is acting as Secretary General and his as President. IPE-Global is registered as Civil Society Partner with the United Nations Department of Economics and Social Affairs and the EU Transpa-rency Register and is at the moment supporting the “Littlemore Nursery & Child Care Centre” in Hoima/Uganda through covering complete yearly costs for approx. 100 Children.

In 2016 he was approved as Officer in Charge of Central African Countries and Vice-President in the ASMS - Association Swiss Morning Star, a Swiss NGO registered in EU Transparency Register and NGO Member in United Nations Global Compact and The United Nation Academic Impact.

Also in 2016 he founded with the help of some international friends the “Internationale Pestalozzi Gesellschaft/International Pestalozzi Society” for promoting worldwide Education. He is acting as Secretary General and Member of the Board for this organisation.

Late 2016 he was confirmed as International Director for Liechtenstein by Logos University Intl., Florida (USA) and received a Dr. h.c. in International Relations.


-          Doctor Honoris Causa in International Relations from Logos University, Florida (USA)

-          Member “Noble Compañia de Ballesteros Hijosdalgo de San Felipe y Santiago”

-          Full-Member of the “Royal and Merciful Society of the Bearer of Medals and Awards of Belgium”

-          Omukungu “Royal Order of the Engabu” of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom/Uganda

-          Grand Cross “Royal Order of the Lion of Godenu” of Gbi-Godenu Kingdom/Ghana

-          Grand Officer and Chapter Governor “The Most Honorable Order of Omukama Chwa II. Kabalega” of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom/Uganda

-          Member “Sovereign Order of Cyprus Knights of Sword and Silence”

-          Member “Royal Equestrian and Military Order of Saint Michael of the Wing” (Braganza)

-          Member “Sacred Order of Saint Michael Archangel” (Imperial & Royal House of Ghassan)

-          Member “Equestrian, Secular and Chapterial Order of Saint Joachim”

-          Officer’s Cross of the Lazarus Cross of the Union (Lazarus Union, Vienna)

-          Member and UN-Delegate with the Rank of Major of Lazarus Union Vienna.

Cruz de Honor del Sometent de Cataluñya