Archbishop, Professor Valentine Oforka Nwankwo

UNESCO Ambassador for Africa
Archbishop, Professor Valentine Oforka NwankwoCITATION OF HIS BEATITUDE: ARCHBISHOP (PROFESSOR) VALENTINE OFORKA NWANKWO The Intellectual Being of a result –oriented scholar. A man with International vision and great enthusiasm. In the words of William Shakespeare, “some are born great, some achieve greatness, while some have greatness thrust upon them”. The great Philosopher, Henry David Thoreau once said, “men are born to succeed not to fail.” Archbishop Valentine Oforka Nwankwo seems to live his life fulfilling philosophical principles of this great saying. He is no doubt a household one when his name is mentioned. This is because the success story of this great Nigeria is exhaustible especially in the area of Academic possession, particularly, the subject of Theology, crisis management, business, Conflict Resolution, and intelligence studies. 1. Founder, International Council on Global Conflict Resolution.( International council on Global Conflict Resolution is an Intergovernmental Organization Established to promote Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, International Understanding, Justice, Equity, and bring lasting peace Agreement that Brings real Security to Communities, Nations and Economic progress through dialogue, negotiation, International Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution. Membership is open only to the Heads of State, Head of Governments, Prime Ministers, National governments, Former Head of State, Senior government Officials, Ruling Monarchs, Embassies and world personalities etc. 2. Secretary –United Nations Collaboration for Economic and Social Development of Africa (UNCESDA) ( 3. He is Theses Advisor philosophy and Theology, Humanistic University of Americas(HUA) ( 4. Grant the title of honorary Ambassador of Nigeria, Africa, by WORLD ACADEMY OF HUMAN SCIENCES. (Diplomatic Embassy to the service of peace between nations and human promotion).( 5. Member – Global Dialogue Foundation. Global Dialogue Foundation is in collaboration with United Nations Alliance of Civilizations.( 6. Registry- Royal Association.( International Royal Association of Royals and Nobles) ( 7. Granted the title of His Royal Highness Prince, (Duque of the Armenian Sarlou) by His Royal Majesty (The Great). King Roland Von Bagratuni (Armenian). 8. Founder, International Emergency Intelligence Security Commission. SPECIAL PROTECTION: 1,Plainclothes security service at conferences ,private party, show business, weddings, official reception, hotels, shopping centers and major events, 2, Location and destruction of hidden microphones cameras, 3, Complete consulting in home security, and business, 4, Consulting Electronic system protection, 5, Analysis and Risk management, security plan, 6, Advice on choice of firearms, methods of defense, 7, CCTV and alarm management, 8, Private and public parking control and management, 9, Bodyguards, 10, Estate protection, 11, Executive Aid, 12, Family Protection, 13, Harassment protection, 14, Residential protection, 15, Vehicle Tracking, 16, Security Threat and Risk Assessments, 17, Executive protection. COMMERCIAL RESEARCH: 1, Financial Fraud, 2, Forensic Accounting, 3, Electoral Fraud, 4, Economic Crime Management, 5,Private Investigation, 6, Forensics Investigation: COMMERCIAL RESEARCH: 1, Recruitment of senior management, 2, Prior to hiring research, 3, Verification of employee data, 4,Reports on the loyalty of managers and employees, 5, Reports and comments about employees, 6, Breach of working hours, 7, Reports on the duplication of employment, CIVIL INVESTIGATION: VIP AND SECURITY DRIVERS: WORLDWIDE INTERVENTIONS: 9. Founder, International World Leaders Association: ( Bringing the world together to plan) 10. Founder, International Sacred College of Bishops and Archbishops( ISCBA is well recognized by several ecumenical bodies and various governmental organizations) 11. EmbajadorHonorario en Africa for New Kingdom Inca (PERU, SOUTH AMERICA). 12. Member – Arise Africa Foundation – South Africa 13. High Commissioner of Religious Harmony , Euro Asia and Middle East For ROYAL KINGDOM OF SARKAR DYNASTY. 14. Chief Judge ,Division of Religious and Inter-Faith, ROYAL DIVISION COURT OF KINGDOM DYNASTY FOR ROYAL KINGDOM OF SARKAR DYNASTY. 15. International Doctorate Degree Diploma in Doctor of Philosophy Major in Inter –Faith and Religious Harmony from International institute of Diplomatic Relations and Human Rights.( Affiliated to United Nations DESA and Government of Commonwealth) 16. Member – The world peace organization for the one world government 17. Board Member: International Organization for Security and Intelligence. World-wide. IOSI, is an International initiative – organization with its main office located in Vancouver, Canada, and with an increasing international presence, aiming to support and assist governments and private sectors in the middle East, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean mainly to narcotics (CT), narco – terrorism, organized crime, human trafficking, and other emerging criminal and terrorist activities,Counter Narcotics (CN) Counter Terrorism (CT), Organized Crime( COC) ,Counter –Human Trafficking (CHT), Counter Narco –Terrorism( CNT), other present and emerging security threats applied to airports ,seaports borders, and policing and national security areas. 18. He is Holy Russia plenipotentiary Ambassador to Nigeria and region of West Africa with the purpose of an establishment of diplomatic and friendly attitudes between Federal republic of Nigeria, and the countries of region of West Africa and Holy Russia.( Appointed by Sovereign Emperor Grand Prince of All Russia KING (Prof ) Valeriy Viktorovich Kuberer 19. Knight commandadorHonorifico of SoberanaAnebaCastellania de Amposta Antigua Orden de Caballeros Hospitalarios de san Juan De Jerusalem. 20. Appointed Honorary Member/Goodwill Ambassador of peace by (MISSION & DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS & INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF HUMAN RIGHTS, ARBITRATION, POLITICS AND STRATEGIC STUDIES). 21. URCG officially appoint URGC AMBASSADOR AT LARGE(PEACE GLOBAL) (UNITED REFUGEE GREEN COUNCIL) ( 22. United Refugee Green Council Consultant and poke person on the social development, Education, Health and social economic development of Refugees/Displaced people. 23. He is the EXECUTIVE CHANCLLOR ,AFRICA MISION for Manav Sewa Charitable Society- Affiliated by United Nation –DESA and Government of Commonwealth. 24. Director –General of Operations and Affairs for UNIVERSAL PEACE AND VIOLENCE AMELIORATION CENTRE( UNIVERSAL COMMAND).( Accredited by United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, International Counter Terrorism Center and Academy, World International Counter Terrorism Organization etc. 25. Archbishop of NOVA CHURCH OF HOLY RUSSIA( 26. Certificate of Appreciation .The Award is presented by the Asian Society of Awards Council for his accomplishment in his service for inter-faith Advocacies and International Human Rights Globally. 27. Manav Sewa Charitable Society (Registration no: 515128712005) A.P.J Abdul Kalam Award of Excellence in recognition of world class excellence in ones chosen field of endeavor worthy of emulation of the rest of the citizenry based in world community. The is Dedicated in memory of Ex –President of India Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam. 28. PROFESSOR OF THEOLOGY AND SOCIAL ETHICS (Professorship Appointment, by Kings International Theological Seminary, Owerri, Nigeria. Affiliated to continental universities agency, pacific Western University, USA and Freedom University and Theological seminary USA) 29. Diplomatic council member (diplomats) to Diplomatic council 14163, Berlin, German. 30. Knights to orthodox order to saint Barbara worldwide (Ukraine). 31. Hold official passport of empire of Myrotania, appointed IMPERATOR MYROTANIA: HIM THOMAS I. 32. A man whose second nature is progress and development. He was ordained as an independent Catholic Priest by Bishop Onye Obika of International Ministerial council of Great Britain. 33. Consecrated into Bishopric Sacred office by Cardinal Dr. Peter with Apostolic succession and Apostolic investiture. 34. Consecrated into Archiepiscopal sacred office by Santa, Antigua Apostolica Iglesia Catholica Ortodoxa (PERU SOUTH AMERICA). 35. Archbishop Valentine was elevated into Sacred Archiepiscopal Partibus Infidelum office by His Holiness, Patriarch Elijah of Jerusalem. 36. He traveled widely throughout Nigeria, Nepal, Dubai, Kenya, Israel, Philippines, India, Singapore, Togo, Ghana, South Africa, and many other countries globally 37. Attended numerous courses, conference and seminars, both at home and abroad that relate to Leadership Training and Development 38. So far, I have successfully guided 15 Doctoral scholars in Theology, 20 for Master’s students and also supervisor of Doctoral thesis to many theological colleges and universities. 39. Presently, I am currently working on a research: a force behind violent conflict in Nigeria and ways of preventing further conflict. 40. He is a servant of God with unusual consecration and poise. He is an Apostolic – Prophet who is blessed with unequalled insight unto the word of God. 41. Dr. Valentine Oforka Nwankwo, holds many fellowship and distinguished honorary awards from many leadership organizations. 42. Dr. Valentine Nwankwo has authored 40 publications, mostly in Conflict resolution, Human Rights, Traumatic stress and Theological studies. SOME OF HIS RESEARCH INTERESTS AND ACTIVITIES: Crisis management, conflict/violent resolution, trauma counseling, theological studies and operate governance strategies.  How to approach, meet and befriend people around you,  Vision: The secret of Great organization,  Why people slander,  Trust After Traum,  How to forgive and forget all hurts and love the offender  Causes of conflict: Biological and psychological approach Human Rights and Conflict studies: compared perspectives  War and security: Historical perspectives.  The psychological of criminal actions  African Christology’s.  The psychological impacts of conflicts  How to handle problems when they arise  The secret of a happy home  Concept of sin, yesterday and today.  Peaceful resolution of violent conflicts  The relationship between human existence and the absolute  Christian marriage of sexuality in the Africa context.  The Epistle of St. Paul to the Colossians Introduction to philosophical reasoning The Narrative in the synoptic gospels.  The History of the Arab – Israeli conflict  The Theologies of the synoptic gospels  A Christo-centric approach to the realization of Human Rights in Nigeria.  The Theologies of the Old Testament. 43. He holds Royal title of (Royal Prince Elector) from Grand Dukedom Kingdom 44. Knight of Justice of peace corps 45. Charter clinic 46. Certified conflict manger 47. A man whose words are his bonds. The highly gifted polite and good natured academician in the person of Professor Valentine possesses an intimidating outline of academic achievement. 48. A leader light amongst men of his time. 49. He is resourceful, dedicated and hardworking academician whose desire is aimed at impacting knowledge in the lives of younger ones. 50. He holds many degrees, PhD in Theology( Specialization in Christianity, Human Rights and Society) PhD in Comparative Religions Philosophy, Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Divinity, and Professor of Theology and social Ethics, Bachelor and Master in Philosophy, Honorary Doctorate in (LLD), Bachelor of Forensic Science, Master of Science in Logistics and Procurement, Ph.D. in management, Doctor of chiropractic, Bachelor of law, Bachelor of Business, Business in Creative Intelligence and Innovation, Certificate in Tribunal Affairs and Executive of Canonical Judicial Policies, Doctor of Canonical Jurisprudence(JCD) d etc, presently, he is a Master of law in International Human Rights Law, and Master of commercial Diplomacy in Managing corruption and Economic Crime Risks STUDENT NOW. 51. Founder, Heaven Is My Home Bible Church (INC) 52. Founder, International Institute of Theological and Canonical studies. We have 20 senior pastors, distinguished faculty, qualified church historian, and professors of repute as our family.