International Council on Global Conflict Resolution

International Council on Global Conflict Resolution
International Council on Global Conflict Resolution

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About International Council on Global Conflict Resolution – ICGCR

International Council on Global Conflict Resolution – ICGCR is an Intergovernmental Organization Established to promote Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, International Understanding, Justice, Equity, and bring lasting peace Agreement that Brings real Security to Communities, Nations and Economic progress through dialogue, negotiation, International Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution. This goal coincides with the United Nations International program to create a global and local cultural of peace. Peace with justice is not merely the absence of violence. It means the achievement of positive, Lasting Peace through the elimination of physical, structural, cultural and ecological violence. All the effort by the government towards the development of the country will be fruitless without peace and unity. Peaceful co-operation, co-existence among the different ethnic group or political parties in the country is pre-requisite for the unity and progress of the country. A just peace cannot be imposed from ‘above’ it can only be grown by inclusion and dialogue between all groups in society. This extends from the home and neighbourhood to the regional, national and International Communities. Rising crime Levels jeopardize human security and undermine economic progress. Rebellions have been a powerful and rather ubiquitous menace to many continents. They kill tens of thousands of people turns millions into refuges and often leave countries benefits and political order. When people are forced to flee their homes, malnutrition and disease will definitely follow. Internal Conflicts are responsible for more death than disease.

1. To Promote peace and democracy through dialogue and negotiation among individuals and nations and help to lessen threats to world peace, rising conflicts, terrorists, political violence, tensions and resist all kind of wars, struggles and fight among people, expose and condemn the instigators.

2. To promote the legal protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

3. To promote peace, friendship, trust and understanding between nations.

4. Prevent International Conflicts, applying the efforts of expert worldwide in all areas of law in accordance with the principles of the rule of law and the progressive development of the judicial proceedings.

5. To create a global legal system that will ensure the preservation of peace in all over the world.

6. To serve as center to world Government, Embassies, Individuals, Communities, Nations and Corporate bodies on areas of disputes settlement.

7. To ensure people and order by making certain that all local and International laws declaration and ordinances relative to the protection of lives and properties are enforced.

8. To establish equity, justice, development and peace through dialogue.

9. Establishing dialogue with president of nations regarding people sentenced with capital punishment.

What can be reported to the International Council on Global Conflict Resolution?
1. Inhuman Treatment:
a. Domestic Violence
b. Landlord Intimidation
c. Forced Marriage Issue
d. Violence against Woman
e. Police Atrocities, Brutality and Unlawful Detentions, Torture and Execution.
f. Political Persecution & Racial Hatred, Harassment in Social Media and by using the available communication means.
g. Homicide in the Matrimonial Home.
h. Death Sentences
i. Ethnic or Religious differences
j. Security Threats
k. Mass Murder
l. Mass Execution
m. Mass Slaughter
n. Indiscriminate Killing
o. Massacre of Innocent Civilians
p. Assassination
q. Genocide
r. Civil Wars
s. Military Coup
t. Sexual Harassment etc.

2. Chieftaincy Conflict

3. Disputes in Information Technology System Development

4. Corporate and Commercial Disputes

5. Financial Services Disputes

6. Intellectual Property Disputes

7. Tax Disputes

8. Consumer Disputes

9. Employment Disputes

10. Administrative Disputes

11. Civil Disputes

12. Land Disputes (Individuals, Communities, States and Nations)

13. Boundary Disputes (Communities, State and International)

14. Electoral Fraud (Counter Rigging of election)

15. Corruption and Criminalization Polities

16. Threats from the Government Personnel

17. Threats from your own Country

18. Extrajudicial, Summary of Arbitrary Executions

19. All Contemporary forms of Slavery

20. Police Violence

21. Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom’s of Indigenous Peoples

22. Refugees, IDP’s and Asylum Seekers

23. Promotion and Protection of the Rights to Freedom of Opinion and Expression

24. Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities

25. International Conflict

As intractable as the Middle East Problems seem and many presidents have spent years trying to help work out a resolution, we cannot give up on peace.
The International Council on Global Conflict Resolution will go beyond the suffering of Palestinian and Israeli civilians, Global Politician Crises, Global Insurgents, Global Economic Meltdown, Refugee Crisis and Rampant Lawlessness that have fuelled a wave of piracy off the Horn of Africa and other countries.

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International Council on Global Conflict Resolution