Dr. Lillian Namiye Munalula Mwami

UNESCO Ambassador for Zambia
DR. LILLIAN NAMIYE MUNALULA MWAMIPROFESSIONAL OBJECTIVES To offer my services and skills, to the Government of the Republic of Zambia with total loyalty to H.E Edgar Chagwa Lungu, The President Of Zambia, to the best of my ability, so as to contribute to the growth and  development of the economy and to offer my knowledge in policy making and governance. PROFILE
  • Goal and Results Oriented.
  • Hardworking, consistent with pleasant personality.
  • Sociable and independent minded.
  • Very reliable, a team player and builder.
  • Able to work with little or no supervision.
________________________________________________________________________ PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS   2017                         :         Obtain Advance ICP(UK) in Public Administration. 2008                           :           Obtained the Certificate in Diplomatic Practice, Protocol and Public Relations from the Zambia Institute of Diplomatic and International Studies (ZIDIS). 2006                           :           Obtained the Postgraduate Certificate in Management (MBA Foundation Qualification) for the Master of Business Administration – General (MBA) of the Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA). Currently pursuing the Masters Degree in Business Administration. 2005                           :           Obtained the Customs Basic Course Certificate. 2004                           :           Obtained the Diploma in Advanced Management, from the Management College of  Southern Africa (MANCOSA). 1995                           :           Diploma in Computer Systems Design and Certficate in Computer Programming both obtained under the Association of Computer Professionals (ACP) of the United Kingdom. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS 2012                            : Bachelor of Science in Business Management & Administration 2017                            : Doctor of Public Administration (DPA) , BU(U.K) 2017                           : Awaiting Master of Laws and Legal Studies (LLM) 1993                           :           Obtained the Full Grade Twelve (12) ‘O’ Level GCE Certificate with Seven (7) Merits and One (1) Credit at Dominican Convent Secondary School, Ndola. WORK EXPERIENCE 2017                           :           International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals Inc. (IICFIP) Registrar/Personal Assistant to Promotional Development Director, Africa Operations 2014 to date    :          Working Zambia Revenue Authority as an                                      Examining Officer at The Central Processing Centre – Lusaka. Duties:
  1. Processing of importations and exports through the Automated System called ASYCUDA WORLD which is a paperless structure of examining documents via the internet.
2010 to 2014              :           Worked as Examining Officer, at Chirundu One Stop Border Post. Duties
  1. Examining entries by verifying import and export documentation for purposes of revenue collection and trade facilitation.
  2. Management of Imprest and Deposit Account management.
  • Management of Refund of Duty and Deposits where applicable.
  1. Processing of Temporal Import Permits.
  2. Warehouse management.
  3. Preparing monthly reports, including the Imprest Return and Deposit Return.
2010 to date   :           Working for the Office of President. 2000 to 2010              :           Worked as a Customs Officer, Zambia Revenue Authority, Lusaka. Duties                                  
  1. Compiling monthly reports and statistical analysis of activities.
  2. Conducting physical inspections of goods for valuation and classification purposes.
  • To ensure control of imports and exports of prohibited and restricted goods in accordance with the provisions of the Laws of Zambia.
  1. To collect and account for revenue collected.
  2. Management of the Imprest Account for Station.
1999 to 2000              :           Worked as an Assistant Customs Officer, Zambia Revenue Authority, Mwami Border Post. Duties:
  1. Conducting physical inspections on imports and exports.
  2. Compiling monthly reports on all exports and statistical analysis of activities at the border.
  • Collecting and banking all revenue collected.
1997 to 1999              :           Worked for Airport Business Centre, Lusaka International Airport as Office Administrator.   Duties
  1. Supervision of all the operations of the business.
  2. Graphic design of all types of documents including business cards, letter heads, reports, minutes, according to customer specifications.
  • Maintenance, repair and purchase of office equipment.
  1996                           :           Worked for Dorcas Aid Zambia, Mongu as Administrative Assistance on a Food For Work / Food Relief Project funded by European Union in Mongu.   Duties  
  1. Keeping employment contacts for all Personnel and acted as counselor and consultant for all the personnel.
  1995                           :           Worked for ZCF Finance Services, Lusaka as a Computer Operator on Attachment.   Duties
  1. Updating Accounts Reports which included Daily
  2. Cash Flows, Weekly Cash Flows, Fuel Reports, Trial Balances, Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss Account Reports. Other responsibilities where updating Operations Reports, Monthly Reports and compiling the defaulters Programme Report.
Current Jobs: 2017               : International Business Commissioner for (CASAICAMO) Zambia 2017               : Registrar for Ballsbridge University (UK) Zambia 2017               : Deputy Director: California University (FCE) USA-Zambia 2017               : Deputy Country Director: Sastra Angkor University Cambodia  Zambia 2017               : Deputy County Director: Institute of Chartered Professionals (UK) 2017               : Deputy Country Director : Impacts Makers Global African Network 2017:              : Deputy Country Director: PBA Canada (Zambia)