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The International Handbook of Universities (IHU)
IHU | The International Handbook of Universities was first published online by UNESCO Centre in response to the growing demand for authoritative information about higher education institutions. It has grown considerably over the years in both the quantity and quality of entries, and includes higher education institutions that offer at least post-graduate degrees and/or four-year professional diplomas. The Handbook:
• includes higher education institutions that offer at least post-graduate degrees and/or four-year professional diplomas;
• briefly describes the higher education system in each country;
• includes an index to fields of study;
• provides a list of regional and international higher education organizations.
The Handbook also offers enhanced access to the new WHED Portal, which provides for advanced search options, extraction and printing tools; access is valid for one year following publication of the Handbook.
The International Alliance of Universities IAU, proudly presents WHED
The World Higher Education Database (WHED) Portal provides information on Higher Education Institutions, Systems and Credentials in over 190 countries.
The IAU WHED Portal ( www.unesco-whed.org/iau ) is the International Alliance of Universities' (IAU) latest reference tool on higher education systems.

You can get the International Handbook of Universities for free here

The IAU is glad to acknowledge UNESCO's ™ support to the IAU WHED Portal by the addition of UNESCO's ™ logo on the Portal; UNESCO's ™ help in data collection as from next year; and a grant to launch the collaboration. The partnership agreement is signed for a period of 4 years, starting in August 2015. The IAU WHED Portal is the unique place where to find information on higher education systems, main credentials, and higher education institutions worldwide. It is available online free of charge in its basic features, but with login and password for its advanced features as a benefit to IAU Members. Its print version, the International Handbook of Universities, published by UNESCO ™ | Union Nacional de Educación Superior Continua Organizada. The IAU WHED Portal serves as an equitable, effective, and well-structured tool for policy-makers and the higher education community to understand the higher education systems of other regions/ countries and establish contacts and partnerships. Today, the IAU WHED Portal includes 19,000 higher education institutions in 190 countries. The IAU WHED Portal is available at: www.unesco-whed.org/iau Contact: iau@iau-iau.net